If you’ve ever felt the pain in your gut (and in your wallet) when you shell out for a single-serve bag of dried fancy mango, it’s time to make a change. Dried fruit is easy to make at home (after all, there’s really just one ingredient). And, yes, you do need a special piece of equipment, too.

There are several ways to dehydrate fruit—you could rely on the microwave for crispy fruit chips, or make chewy fruit leather in the oven—but none is as foolproof or as all-purpose as using the kitchen tool made specifically for the task.

For the person that relies on banana chips or dried mango slices as an anytime (i.e. all-the-time) snack, and wants to go the homemade route, it’s worth it to invest in a good dehydrator so that your pantry is always packed with plenty of fruity nibbles. Yes, you could use an oven set at its lowest temperature, but most ovens run too hot to thoroughly dehydrate fruit without scorching it.

Our favorite dehydrator, on the other hand, has five removable racks, an adjustable temperature setting, a clear lid for easy viewing, and easy, push-button controls. Also, it’s currently available on Amazon for just $49.99.

As for how to dehydrate fruit once you have your machine, just follow this easy step-by-step guide: